Holiday So Hard And Beyond


A Workout And Nutrition Challenge Designed to Equip you with all you need to thrive through the holidays and beyond.

New Year, New Me?

How About Right Here, Right Now

12 Day Challenge To a Stronger, Healthier Holiday Season That Lasts Throughout The Year

In case you didn’t know, the holidays are near.

Mistletoe, gingerbread cookies (and cocktails!), and the ever-present strained family dynamics!

I get it!

The holidays put us in testy situations, pull at our already-pressed time, and could potentially threaten the healthy-habits we’ve worked so hard on throughout the year.


We’re all busy. I think we can agree on that.

In fact, I would even go as far to say – BUSY IS EASY! It’s the easy go-to that most of us fall victim to. But we’re stronger and better than this.

We women know how to figure out the best way to crush the 24-hours we all have. Yet, somehow just that one line “I’m so busy” is stopping so many from crushing their goals.

Let’s change that shall we?

Instead of making the holidays SO hard, let’s Holiday So Hard and have a great time, get our workouts in, get rid of the bullshit, our shame, and the guilt and the UGH!

I invite you to Holiday So Hard and Beyond…

Let’s bring in 2020 like the queen that you are.

And I’m gonna support you. I’m not just gonna say it and leave you hanging.

What you’ll get from this challenge will work for you year-round.


  • 4, 15- minute, effective workouts designed to help you feel good in less time. These are workouts I use and my clients use to stay healthy and fit no matter what our schedule demands.

  • Daily support and accountability in the private FB challenge group. I'll be there making sure you've got everything you need to complete the workouts and nutrition strategies because information is great, but action is everything.

  • Nutrition strategies designed to help you navigate social situations all holiday season long. These are juicy tools you can use year-round, too!

  • Continued strength and confidence so you leave the holidays feeling GREAT and consistent AF with your healthy-habits. Forget hitting the ground running on New Year's Day... You'll be up and running long before the 1st.

Sara Camiscioni here, and I am dedicated to tearing down the facade that exercise and nutrition is time consuming and complicated. I give my clients a total personal development experience by helping them break through their mindset blocks and build up and implement the time-saving, super-simple yet effective strategies in their health and wellness so they can live their strongest life.

I do this through my proven signature 3M Coaching Method, which empowers you to use your muscles, movement, and mindset to uncover your strongest life while freeing up time you thought you’d never get back!



I don’t want you going through the holidays dropping habits, gaining holiday weight and stress, and then starting back up at the beginning of the year.

This. Shit. Doesn’t. Fly with me.

Then we ‘jump on the horse’ and ‘focus on our health’ to make up for all the shit we just did (and mostly enjoyed, but without sustainable strategies in place so that it wasn’t an all or nothing, free for all for 2 months). Then we work our asses off to ‘get back on track’ and lose whatever holiday weight we might have gained and that takes months.

It’s because you aren’t being taught the tools to sustainable habits that EMPOWER you in social situations, not leave you sitting in the bathroom obsessively counting and tracking your calories in order to give yourself permission to enjoy the night or know you gotta bail early.

So, you can let another holiday come and go leaving you ridden with the mental woes of guilt and frustration.



You + Me + 12 days = an amazing holiday and jumpstart to 2020.

You In?

Get and stay strong and healthy this holiday season and into the New Year!