Real Talks. Real Facts. Real-Life Healthy Living in 2019

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The primary purpose of living healthy and strong is not for it to rule your life.

The primary purpose of living a healthy lifestyle is so you can fully live your life.

With endless (and ridiculous) information around intermittent fasting, macros & micros, calorie deficits and no carb – low carb, I can see how this can quickly turn into an obsession fest.

Trying this or that – changing all the things and still feeling like “WTF nothing is working for me.” 

Well, I am taking a stand for my fellow STRONG WOMAN – even if you don’t think of yourself as strong on the outside, trust me, it’s in there! You just need to know how to claim it in the best way for you. 

This is the sole purpose of my Real Talks. I want to be real, raw, and factual – no BS because I know it’s the only way you will achieve endless healthy success.

  • I’m breaking down what to do anywhere – at anytime – even if you’re busy AF – to be in control of your health and proud of your results.

  • Expect specific tips and tools to help combat the endless (and ridiculous) information of the diet industry so that you can be set up for optimal health success.

  • My top-secret strategy to everyday eating that’s not only easy but seriously works for me and every one of my clients to crush our health goals month after month… this is gold!

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Tuesday, Aug. 20th at 6:00 PM MST

Hey there!

I’m Sara, a Health and Wellness  Coach specializing in tearing down the facade that exercise and nutrition are time-consuming and complicated. I give my clients a total personal development experience by helping them break through their mindset blocks and build up and implement the time-saving, super-simple yet effective strategies in their health and wellness so they can live their strongest life.

I do this through my proven signature 3M Coaching Method, which empowers you to use your muscles, movement, and mindset to uncover your strongest life while freeing up time you thought you’d never get back!