Total Training


8 Week Total Training & Nutrition Experience to get you consistent with your workouts and diet leaving you leaner, stronger, and healthier.

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#SuperF*ckingJacked Total Training and Nutrition Experience:

8 weeks of hard-hitting, physique changing workouts which I’ll be giving to you, coaching on your nutrition and the support and accountability to stay on track via a closed FB community.

After 8 weeks, you’ll be healthier, fitter and more confident in your eating and exercise.


I hear from women all the time that they know what to eat but can’t stick with it because they simply get sick of the foods they’re eating or they want to eat ones that are tastier and more palatable.

The truth is that with some insight and mindfulness practice, you can find foods that both satisfy you AND help you work towards your goals.


Based on the tremendous success of the 4-week #SFJ program, we’ve supercharged the workouts and created an 8-week total training experience.

With 5 days of intentionally intense strength training workouts (30 minutes or less) mixed with sprint intervals and cardio bursts, you’ll get 8 weeks of workouts designed to leave you stronger, and more defined muscularly than when you started.


You will be healthier, fitter and more confident in the way you eat and exercise!


What Will I Get Out of #SuperF*kingJacked Total Training Experience? 

After working with me for 8 weeks you can expect results:

  • You will feel tighter and more toned, your clothes may feel looser in the waist and tighter on your muscles.
  • You will feel and look stronger and have more confidence in your body and appearance.
  • Excitement and the satisfying sense of accomplishment will drive your daily movement habits leading to more enjoyment from being active.
  • You will no longer be reliant on outside motivation to make it through your workouts: we’ll develop inner and outer strength that leads to long-term staying-ability of your movement goals and rituals.
  • You will have the confidence and know-how to execute weight lifting programs on your own.

Only 35 spots available per session!

Who is the #SuperF*kingJacked Total Training Experience for?

  • Women who are looking to get consistent in their workouts and healthy eating habits.
  • Women who want to lift weights and look like they workout.
  • Women who are tired of spending all their time on cardio machines and barely changing the way their bodies look and feel.
  • Woman who want to feel and look stronger and more confident in their bodies.
  • Women who want to break free of yo-yo dieting and who want to build sustainable workout and eating habits.
  • Women who want to eat healthy while still having a social life and enjoying the food they eat.

Here's What Others Have to Say About Their Experience Working With Sara

“Thanks for modeling healthy living & being a great coach! You’re so supportive in all the changes I’m making. I always feel better after our workout and the results carry over for days. Training with you has changed me for the better.” Jill

“I have been lifting with Sara and am really starting to see improvement in my strength……Can’t say enough good things about Sara!”— Melissa

“I’m getting JACKED!” — in response to the 4-week beta version of #SuperF*ckingJacked

“I feel so much stronger — physically and emotionally!” — #SuperF*ckingJacked Participant

“Sara’s nutritional framework helped me develop the trust in myself after years of struggling with the way I ate…Her program changed me and I’m so glad she created it for women like me – it truly changed me for the better.” — #SaveTimeStaySatisfied Nutrition Challenge Participant

“I switched a few things up with my meals thanks to what I learned in the #STSS challenge and I’ve lost almost 10 pounds in the past 2 months!” — #SaveTimeStaySatisfied Nutrition Challenge Participant

What's Included:

Private Facebook Group

Daily check-ins from me to troubleshoot, weekly themes to help you implement, and built-in support with a tribe of like-minded women.


Community and accountability provided through the closed Facebook group of women with similar goals to help build consistency. We’ve got your back!

Workouts & Nutrition

8-weeks of workouts: all under 30 minutes and designed to give you the physique you desire. I’ll help you identify and incorporate foods that actually taste good into your diet so that you can stay on your healthy eating forever.

Weekly Facebook Lives

I will be jumping in the group for a live video session once per week to answer questions and help troubleshoot any issues you might run into.

Daily Access to Your Coach

I’ll be providing tools and additional strategies to maximize your implementation of the workouts and nutrition programs. I’m in this with you!


Implementing the workouts and diet is key: I’ll give you weekly emails focused on mindset that’ll help ease you into and through the total training experience.

Wait, There’s More… You’ll Also Get:

  • 20 Full-length workouts (all 30 minutes or less) including heavier weight training, metabolic conditioning and cardio primers. These are the most effective exercise modalities for physique change and real results
  • Short video demonstrations for each of the 40 weight training movements to help you move safely and effectively
  • 8-Week Programming Calendar for this 6-day-per-week high volume program, there will be zero guesswork about what you are doing and when (also includes levels of prioritization of workouts if you can’t get in 6 days)
  • 8 weeks of daily coaching from me via a closed FB community
  • 8 weeks of weekly LIVE videos from me via a closed FB community to trouble shoot workouts and coach the nutritional framework #SaveTimeStaySatisfied
  • 8 weeks of weekly emails with mind shifts to help with implementation
  • A 12-page Nutrition Starter Guide that’ll give you the framework to get consistent with your eating while prioritizing overall satisfaction and weight management

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do the workouts without a gym?

No. You will need access to at least a barbell, bench, dumbbells, and a pull-up bar for the strength training portions of the workouts. For the cardio intervals, you’ll need access to either a treadmill, stepmill, or rower.

Can you do these workouts without a gym, sure, but they are designed to be performed in a gym. If you want to maximize your results on this workout program, it’s gym time!

Does this program include a meal plan?

No. This will not be a cookie-cutter meal plan program – I will not tell you what to eat, how much of it, and when, instead, I’ll teach you the strategies of my nutritional framework #SaveTimeStaySatisfied. You’ll learn about hunger and cravings and how to manage them, eating to 80% full (and how to manage your waistline), surviving social situations, and Sweet Relief (yes, you’ll be encouraged to eat chocolate and drink wine!). I will give you all the tools that will help you have a healthier, more sustainable relationship with food and the way you eat. That is not accomplished by me giving you a piece of paper listing ‘allowed’ and ‘not allowed’ foods.

What will I receive when I purchase the training?

You’ll get an instant email with confirmation. You’ll gain instant access to our closed Facebook Coaching group.

I’m new to lifting weights and don’t know a lot of the names of exercises. Will you have videos?

Yes, in your #SuperF*ckingJacked workout guide, you’ll get a library of exercise demonstration videos. You can click directly on the exercise name and watch a video that demonstrates the movement. I’ll be answering any of your questions about the workouts in our closed FB group!

Do I need a gym membership to do these workouts and how long do they take?

Great question! All the workouts are 30 minutes or less! Yes, you will need access to a gym: either a home gym or local gym that has barbell, and medium heavy dumbbells.