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Stronger You Project

A 2-Part Webinar Series on How To Create a Results Driven Approach to Sustainable, Simplified Eating, Movement and Masterful Living so You can Stay on Your Healthy Lifestyle for Good!

Part 1: Tuesday, Nov. 13th at 12pm MST & Part 2: Thursday, Nov. 15th at 2pm MST

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

Webinar 1:

  • That in the gym: less is more! How you’re actually hurting your progress by spending too much time at the gym.
  • How to get the physique and lifestyle you desire while still having a social life.
  • How to stop paying attention to all the false information out there and choose the right workouts and eating strategies that work for YOU!

Webinar 2:

  • How to easily slip into your skinny jeans without going on a detox or never eating pizza (or foods you love) again!
  • How to have a social life while enjoying desserts & drinks without gaining weight (or guilt over what you ate)!
  • How to master your mindset for sustainable health while getting time back into your life with simple solutions.

Tuesday, Nov. 13th at 12pm MST & Thursday, Nov. 15th at 2pm MST

2018/11/13 12:00:00

Hi There!

I am SO excited to spend this time with you! If you don’t know me, let me introduce myself. I am a Health and Wellness Strategist specializing in tearing down the facade that exercise and nutrition is time consuming and complicated. I give my clients a total personal development experience by helping them break through their mindset blocks and build up and implement the time-saving, super-simple yet effective strategies in their health and wellness so they can live their strongest life.

I do this through my proven signature 3M Coaching Method, which empowers you to use your muscles, movement and mindset to uncover your strongest life while freeing up time you thought you’d never get back!

I look forward to seeing you LIVE on the webinar!