FREE Workout Challenge!

5 days, 5 effective workouts, in 15 minutes

15-Minute Workouts That Will Literally Replace An Hour In The Gym

Join THE best home workout challenge that’ll empower you to get consistent with your workout routine. Jumpstart your workouts with 5 days, 5 effective workouts, in 15 minutes.


I get it! We’re all busy AF these days and it can be hard to prioritize ourselves and our workouts. Let alone find the time to get to the gym. AHH!


When we can’t stay consistent with a routine – our results never come which leads to an endless cycle of frustration and spinning our wheels. 


Not anymore! 


We don’t need an hour at the gym to get a fun and highly effective workout done. And honestly, who has the time for that between our fabulously full work lives, relationships, hobbies and more?!


In this challenge, you’ll get 5 workouts that can be completed in 15 minutes or less. The best part about it… they’re designed to be done at home with minimal equipment.

Maybe you’re already working out and have a groove but can benefit from having a handful of home and travel-friendly EFFECTIVE workouts in your fitness tool belt? 

I got you!

The Workouts Like Whoa Challenge kicks off Monday, October 7th – but you must sign up to get all the workouts and access to the Facebook Group.


We aren’t going to magically have more time back in our day so let’s work with what we DO have to ensure we’re staying strong and consistent with our workouts.


Are you ready for 5 days of kick-ass home workouts that’ll leave you like WHOA, that was an awesome workout!



  • Feel good and look good in less time by learning my highly effective 15-min workouts that I use and my clients use to stay healthy and fit no matter what our schedule demands.

  • Never miss a workout again because when you see what 15-minutes can do for you and your body, consistency will never be an issue again.
  • Your NO STRESS remedy to being healthy and fit while loving your quick and effective workouts right in the comfort of your own home or hotel room.

All you’ll need is:

  •  1 kettlebell

  • 1 set of moderate weight dumbbells
  • Some bands
  • and 15 minutes a day
  • I’ll send you the workout the night before we do it together in our CLOSED FB group LIVE. If you have a tight schedule and can’t join the live workout, don’t sweat it – just save the video and reference it when you’re doing the workout on your own! 

  • And BTW if you don’t have a KB we can make that DB do the trick!

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Monday, Oct. 7th at 6:15 PM MST

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