#DefinedLegs: The 7-Day Lower Body Workout Guide

The 7-Day lower body workout guide is designed for the person looking to lift, tighten and tone their legs and booty.

7 workouts designed to be effective and efficient, getting you in and out of the gym in under 30 minutes while leaving you burning and breathless.

I’ve been there; missing out on wearing cute trends that included  short shorts or tight jeans because of the size, shape and appearance of my lower body. That’s why I created this workout guide.

The guide, which includes short videos of each of the 13 featured exercises, is appropriate for novice to advanced. With an exact overview of what workouts to do and when, there’s no more guess work on how to effectively train for the physique results you desire. Over the 7-days, you’ll learn 13 fun and effective lower body exercises that’ll leave you feeling tighter and more defined in your skin.

Nutrition Cheat Sheet

This 1-page cheat sheet is designed to cut through all the confusion about how to eat for physique change: how to build muscle and burn fat.

In the guide, I share the exact ways I eat to ensure I’m maximizing my fat burning potential while ensuring I retain and build muscle.

Eating for physique change or fat loss doesn’t have to be complicated (and it isn’t!). This guide will show you the exact steps to implement today to get you on your way.