What my clients are saying...

“I’ve been working with Sara for about 8 months. When I started I never thought I would enjoy strength training as much as I do…I LOVE it! Sara is amazing to work with because she quickly understood my strengths and weaknesses and has worked with me on balancing them out. I am surprised every week by how this training has improved my other activities – biking, swimming and yoga. Everything is much more fluid for me and I enjoy physical activity even more. Sara is the best and I wouldn’t train with anyone else!”

Jeanne W.

“I just want to say investing in myself with Sara Camiscioni is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. She’s supported me into having the mindset and working toward the strength and athleticism I’ve never been able to cultivate alone. I’m just so, so happy with her coaching. ..Definitely check her out if you want to make changes!!”


“Sara is an amazing trainer! My friend Chris & I share a training session twice a week and it is non-stop movement & sweating. I am so impressed that she can juggle the different workout needs of Chris & I while always being attentive, instructive and creative. It did not take long for me to start seeing results!”

Nancy S.

“I’m an age grouper triathlete and am looking to up my game through functional strength and stability. I’ve been working with Sara for 6 months, and the results we are getting are phenomenal! My open water swim times are the best I’ve ever achieved, I’m much stronger and faster on the bike, and my running has significantly improved.”

Pete B.

“I have been lifting with Sara and am really starting to see improvement in my strength……Sara’s programs are completely customized to work on individual weaknesses. I had been lifting for quite a while, but found out that I was doing many exercises incorrectly (and basically wasting my time) as I struggled along by myself. Now, I lift with Sara, then, when I lift by myself, I hear Sara’s voice correcting every little thing! Sara will get you strong, and she’s helped me incorporate exercises like deadlifts that I was afraid to do for fear of hurting myself. Can’t say enough good things about Sara!”

Melissa H.

“Sara works hard to design my training cycles to help me meet my goals! My glutes are so much stronger! I have more power on the bike and a stronger swim stroke and kick!”

Dianne H.

Sprint Triathlete

“Thanks for modeling healthy living and being a great coach! You’re so supportive in all the changes I’m making in my life. I always feel better after our workout and the results carry over for days. Training with you has changed me for the better.”


“I just tried on a pair of pants – they haven’t fit me for 5 years. I kept them because I refused to let them go; they were a symbol that I used to be in better shape and I was determined to get there – eventually. Well, this morning I tried them on and they fit me perfectly! Because of you I have become more accountable to everything that I do every day. The workouts with you have been life-changing and when I am not working out I am thinking more about what I eat, how much I walk, and how I live. Thank you, Sara You are Amazing at what you do.”