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HodgeTwins on Intermittent Fasting!

Who knew the BOSS HodgeTwins did Intermittent Fasting!?

I learn something new errrrrrrrrrryday.

Watch the video then down below, check out my experiences with IF so far.


  • I’ve been on IF for 3 weeks and I am LEANING out. I have gone down 2-3% body fat and am making strength GAINS.
  • I have been doing 10/14- 10 hour eating window which opens up after my morning workouts, and 14 hours of fasting, which starts around 10 at night (as I’ve mentioned, it has been suggested women allow for a longer ‘eating’ window to encourage hormone stabilization)
  • Also, eating this late at nite may not be best for everyone, you have to see what works best for you. I don’t go to bed until around 11ish, and eating this late COULD be problematic for some bodies, not mine. This is something you have to listen to your own body and evaluate the lifestyle. I lift early every day, maintain an extremely active lifestyle, so eating and then passing out does equate to me gaining weight. Ya follow?
  •  To kick the hunger which gets POWERFUL: Some mornings are hungrier than others, and on those days I utilize straight up black coffee and a heaping spoon of coconut oil. Kicks the hunger.
  • Calorie Counter app for Smart phones: Save meals, quick access to entering up and managing micros for the day.
  • Protein intake: I try to get .7-1 gram of protein per pound of body weight daily. Some days I go a bit under, but then other days I go over, I believe it is all about balancing things out.
  • Biggest meal of the day on leangains IF is post workout. I make sure to get at LEAST 1000 calories in on this meal. This sometimes takes up to and over an hour.
  • Encourages binge eating: If you have binge eating ‘problems’ IF may not be good for you as it almost encourages you/forces you to binge eat, especially if you are an athlete, as I am. I have no problems with this, but if I ever ‘slow down’ athletically, I may have to break this binging habit.This same ‘problem’ also applies to the REDIC amount of cookies I am eating. Yes. I am eating a FUCK ton of cookies.

Happy fasting folks. And have fun LEANING the fuck out while building and developing SEXY MUSCLES

Disclaimer: Oh, and don’t be irresponsible and follow my advice without doing your OWN research and talking to doctors if you know you need to be consulting them before doing IF or working out. This is my OWN personal experience with IF, and my research is based off talking to others who fast, online sources, and a few books. LISTEN to your own body.

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