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Sara Camiscioni

Through my experiences as a competitive athlete constantly striving for perfection: the perfect lift, the perfect body, the perfect life, I was left disappointed with myself regardless of the goals I achieved. It’s then that I learned: get the mind right, and the physique will follow. The life-changing results that followed became the tools I teach my clients to empower them so that they too can trade-in the pursuit of perfection for a happier, healthier, results driven life.


Harissa Crab cakes

Made some crab cakes. This was a test of patience. 4 Hour Chef- You are testing me! But shoot, I’ll take some lessons in life and in the kitchen, more so if it means I’ll have BOMB food to eat as a result. Make these. Also, They taste incredible, so share, impress your friends 🙂…


Crisp-Baked Sesame-COCONUT Chicken

To impress your friends while feeding your belly some seriously good chicken…Read Below. Shorthand Preheat 450F Coat 2 LBS of chopped Chicken Breast in Garlic Aioli,** 1 egg yolk, 1T sesame oil, 1/2 t salt and pepper. (imagine 1 inch pieces of chicken/finger food kinda munching size) Roll your garlic aioli covered chicken breastssss all around…