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Harissa Crab cakes

Made some crab cakes. This was a test of patience. 4 Hour Chef- You are testing me! But shoot, I’ll take some lessons in life and in the kitchen, more so if it means I’ll have BOMB food to eat as a result.
Make these. Also, They taste incredible, so share, impress your friends 🙂


Mix 1 egg white, 1 chopped scallion, 1T harissa sauce (Asian spices isle, yo), 10 turns of the pepper grinder, and 8-10 ounces of CRAB.

Mix those suckers up and form them into about 4-6 balls (smaller the better, I think, I made about 6) and put them in a skillet that is warm/sizzling with oil- I used about 2 T of Coconut oil. Cook for about 3 minutes or until brown around the edges, then flip and smoosh them flat and cook another 3 minutes, or until brown, and until they are sticking together.

Okay, now these little crab punks are delicate. I mean that. Once you put them in the skillet, DO. NOT. TOUCH. THEM. until they are super firmly cooked on the bottom side. When you go to flip them, use some support on the top of the crab cake because THEY WILL fall apart, and then you are left with CRAB-HASH, which trust me, is STILL edible, but a lot less enjoyable. My first nite of making these, I enjoyed CRAB HASH, it wasn’t until the second attempt, with a BADASS none sticking skillet and the tender caress of a kitchen assistant handling the balls of crab, did they finally make it out of the skillet in one piece.

I squeezed LIME over them when serving. EAT THESE.

I should have taken pictures, or video, because this experience was amusing and frustrating, and highly rewarding.

I followed these CRAB CAKES up like a champ with my Rosemary Pistachio Cookies. It is rewarding to CREATE such great food, and the experience of eating the DELISH fruits of my labor are even more rewarding!

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