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Sara Camiscioni

Through my experiences as a competitive athlete constantly striving for perfection: the perfect lift, the perfect body, the perfect life, I was left disappointed with myself regardless of the goals I achieved. It’s then that I learned: get the mind right, and the physique will follow. The life-changing results that followed became the tools I teach my clients to empower them so that they too can trade-in the pursuit of perfection for a happier, healthier, results driven life.


Training Day. Stone & Barbell weightlifting

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiME66iIdAI Really great training day at Stone and Barbell Saturday. Throwing weights around with some of your friends is such a great experience. Blessed. The guys threw down some serious weight and I had a nice little milestone of a lifetime PR clean & jerk at 58 kilos. Such a great group in there this morning, really…


HodgeTwins on Intermittent Fasting!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrMlTRI5zX0 Who knew the BOSS HodgeTwins did Intermittent Fasting!? I learn something new errrrrrrrrrryday. Watch the video then down below, check out my experiences with IF so far. Tips I’ve been on IF for 3 weeks and I am LEANING out. I have gone down 2-3% body fat and am making strength GAINS. I have…



Bless you, wondrous body of mine. By being more aware of what a PERFECT creation you are, I will avoid mistreating you. I like to start my day off with AWEsomeness. That means I do positive affirmations that resonate with me and help focus my thoughts on empowering aspects of my life. I use the…


Return to the platform

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlwCChPjOhQ After taking several days to rest my body, restore my mind, and rejuvenate (ahem, re-hydrate after Fourth of July holiday festivities) I returned to the platform today. It’s hot in the gym. Literally. No a/c. Lifts felt great today. GREAT THINKING=GREAT LIFTING. Workout: Snatch warmups glut & glut med warmups Pwr Snatch + OHS…