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owning my platform. weightlifting, like a BOSS

The first lifts at 55kg and 56kg I completed over my weight class (53kg). My tech. slips as I max out, but I will take it..
I have been weightlifting since the beginning of the year, so about 7 months. It is one of the hardest physical things I have ever done/do. It pushes me mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. When I lift, it takes me to another place, where everything in my mind is quiet and still (on an ideal day).

Some days lifting knocks me down, others it lifts me up. Some lifts are good, some lifts are bad. It is the ever changing flow of weightlifting that keeps me hungry for more. Progress ebbs and flows. Like life. For me, they meld together. I am stronger, tougher, braver, determined, driven, more than ever before, and it is undeniable weightlifting has largely impacted every single aspect of my life.

Do you have a passion for sport? What drives you? Is it the competition you have with others, or the one you play against with yourself? Are you your biggest supporter, or do you tear yourself down? How can you make yourself a better athlete?
What you think about yourself, your workouts, and your lifts on and off the platform shape the way you train. I am a fucking boss. I live it. This is my life. My platform.

Does this post inspire you? I would love to hear back from you!

xo – S

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