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Living 101: Positive thinking

I woke, planted some positive seeds, and watered the ones flowering from all the days which have come before.
I flowed into my deeper space, my pure state. As I raised my hands above my head, lowering them and stopping at the mind’s eye, gently reminding myself to have kind thoughts towards myself and others, my hands stop at my mouth, emphasizing my words towards myself and others need be kind and loving, and lastly, stopping at my heart’s center and bowing my head gently down, taking the time to recognize myself for giving myself this sacred time, and to remind myself to carry my loving heart for others throughout my day.

This is how I start my day. And this is how I end it. Everyday. Sometimes there’s an evening here or there when I am unable to meditate and give this practice to myself, but there is normally another time during the day where I can supplement it. Rituals like this are also incorporated into most yoga practices.

I read an article recently and it stated – statistics showed that 80% of your thoughts carry over from the day before. So, some people say they have fallen into a funk, or they have had bad  DAYS  which have turned into weeks, months. years. which has turned into a bad LIFE. This is simply the carrying over of negative thoughts from one day to the next. It is the internal story.

When you are in the thick of negative thinking, if you can simply pull yourself up a little, plant some positive seeds, and then nourish them the next day, they will grow. they will spread. Positive thinking is a habit, it is a daily watering ritual, and if you pay attention to your garden, nourish and tend to it, you can cultivate a garden of abundance.

My daily spiritual practice has developed into such a special thing for me.  My intentions of positive thoughts – Beginning my day with such a sacred spiritual practice really sets my mood, thoughts, feelings, tone – VIBRATION, and energy for the day.

People ask “How do you start your day?”

I reply, I start my day thinking and feeling the way I want to feel for the entire day. It’s that simple.



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