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How Hiking Can Teach You About Intuitive Eating

How to keep moving forward when the wind, or world (or scale), is pushing against you.
Today I woke up early, loaded all my gear into my car and headed to the mountains. I piled layers upon layers of clothing to protect my skin from the blustery, gail-force winds. I spent the better part of an hour layering up, preparing my gear, and then of course, undressing for a restroom break.

It’d been almost 2 months since I’d ventured deep into the mountains and I was feigning for a fix.

I craved the intoxicating, luscious wilderness like a newborn craves its mother’s milk.

What I didn’t crave were the 50 plus mile an hour winds that managed to make airborne every ounce of snow on the ground and blast it viciously at my face.

I trudged along and attempted to find my rhythm; foot, foot, pole, pole. 3 strides in and I’m bent over, head perpendicular to the ground in an attempt to protect my face from the windy assault. 

My friend was in a hurry but not me. I continued this pattern of walking a few steps and then bracing for the windy assault; never gaining rhythm and slowly making ground.

What I’ve just described is an example of my struggle in the wild, but it also mimics a common struggle people face; a struggle with eating and weight loss.

When someone is trying to lose weight and they’re eating healthy foods, exercising, stepping on the scale regularly, yet not seeing the results they want, the uphill struggle is real.

Just like it was with my hike, the keys to successfully accomplishing your weight loss or training goals are patience, listening to your body, KNOWING your body, and giving your body what it needs. This is why I eat (and train) intuitively.

What’s intuitive eating? For me it means eating when I’m hungry, not eating out of emotion, convenience, or when my enviroment exposes me to food.

I eat what feels right and when it feels right.

Just like on my hike, I kept pushing when it felt right, I took a break to eat when my body was empty, and I adjusted my pace to fit my body’s abilities.

Does your diet support your lifestyle?

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