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How to stop living with your head and start leading with your heart

When my mother died, I couldn’t think. And that lasted, and is still lasting, for days and a week at a time now. what happened as a result amazed me. All the yoga classes I’d taken had given me that presence, that full hearted feeling, but I rarely carried that with me 24/7, it got lost in the hustle and bustle of life.
The days immediately following my mother’s death left me feeling like I was in another plane of existence. I had crystalline presence: birds chirped louder, water bubbled over rocky streams, every single sensation and sense in my body was hyper present because I COULDN’T  think. It was the silver lining of her death.

I learned that oftentimes, thinking overruled my heart. When I’m living in my heart, I lead with love and feel her there and closer than ever.

A light switched.

THIS is where I want to stay. But how? How can I stay out of my own head, practice non attachement, and live from my heart?

return to the breath
Like a map guiding you home, pranama breathing will redirect sensations from your head to your heart.

cultivate the power of presence
Slow down, look up, listen. Focus on specifics: the blooming rosebud tree outside your window. Spend 5 minutes examining it’s every detail.

when you take inventory of all that you’re grateful for you come back to you heart and the beauty of the present moment.


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