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Sirloin Steak Thai Curry


Years ago I threw a bunch of things from the pantry into the crock pot. What I uncovered 8 hours later was a delicious mishmash of ingredients that came together to make a pretty darn good steak curry, of sorts. I’ve adapted that recipe into this one, which is a little less “curry” (for the sake of my boyfriend).

To be honest, this is kind of my lazy-crockpot-meal. It’s simple (toss all the ingredients in, set the crockpot to 8 hours on low, and walk away). There’s little mess in the kitchen, 5-10 minutes of prep time, and easy serving, and storage. Isn’t this why we all love crockpots?!

As a fitness professional I have to give this recipe a disclosure: this is a bit high in fat. So, if you’re on a weight loss plan, this may not be the dinner for you. Or, plan ahead and know that this is your ‘treat’ meal and keep the eating for the rest of the week/day, on track. Remember, when it comes to healthy eating and reaching your weight goals: MODERATION (and consistency) IS KEY.

What is moderation and what is consistency? Well. If 5 of the 7 days you consistency eat processed foods, foods high in saturated fat, or low-nutrient dense foods, well then you’re consistently eating poorly. Change the ratio of that to be 5 days of nutrient rich, whole, nutritious foods and 2 days a week you may have a sweet or two that includes fat, sugar, and processed foods, well, you’d be practicing moderate eating. Life is all about balance, remember.


So, without further adue…


1 pound of premium angus beef sirloin steak tips

1 jar (11 ounces) Thai Red Curry Sauce from Trader Joe’s

1 bag or 2-3 cups of fresh peas (or vegetable of choice)

2 medium cubed sweet potatoes

8 Dutch yellow baby potatoes (these are optional and can be left out)**

½ can of coconut cream or milk (optional, indulgent, and delicious)

1 tbsp fresh thai basil


  • Cut your steak tips in half, along with curbing your sweet potatoes, and toss into the crockpot.

  • Add 1 jar of curry sauce, half a can of coconut cream or milk, your vegetable (peas, or one of choice)

  • Sprinkle chopped thai basil on top of stirred mixture

  • Put the lid on, set crockpot to 8 hours low setting

  • Serve over your choice of grain: jasmine rice, brown rice, Israeli cous cous.

** My man is a ‘steak and potatoes’ person, hence the extra potatoes in this dish. For those of you who prefer less starches, the Dutch potatoes can be left out, or portions cut in half.

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