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The Best Meatball Recipe In The World

How to: The best meatball recipe in the world
I’m Sicilian. Making meatballs, pasta, anything Italian is in my blood. I take great care and pride in the Sicilian creations that come out of my kitchen. Authentic.

One day I came across this recipe for sun-dried tomatoes and pesto. I made some adjustments and changes to it the first few times I cooked it, and every time since then, but the product keeps getting better.

It’s somewhat time intensive, but well worth it! Often, I double the recipe to ensure meatballs for meals for the better part of a week. Once, last year, I made these meatballs on a Friday nite. I’d invited a guy friend to stop by and since they had just finished, offered up some warm, pesto covered meatballs. Long story short, my meatballs impressed him. We ended up dating and everytime I made the meatballs, we joked that they had been the way I’d made it to his heart, through his belly.

So ladies, make these for your favorite men. Make them for yourself, like the boss you are. (as I did last nite, as I stood over the kitchen island devouring them precious bite by bite, completely consumed in the savory divine goodness I’d created.)

I feel like I’m giving away a golden ticket…for real. Do yourself a favor and add these to your holiday menu!

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