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18 Unique ways to JUMP START your weight-loss journey

To all the folks on a weight loss journey seeking sustainable change: here is a helpful article that lists out 18 unique ways to kick-start your weight loss. (Follow the link at the end of the post to read the full article).

A few of my favorites and PERSONAL go to’s:

2- Keep cookies, ice cream, and sweets out of the house. Anyone that knows me knows that when they’re in the house, I’ll EAT. THEM. ALL. (I’ve learned moderation but sometimes, just sometimes, the temptation is too much.)

3. Use a meal plan. Fail to plan. Plan to fail. When you have specific goals, you’ve got to have a specific route you’re willing to take to get there. Preparing meals and having a meal plan is one of them. 

5. Don’t be hungry AND go to the store at the same time. RE: see number 2! =)

13. Schedule workouts like you schedule meetings. This is probably the biggest thing for me right now as I’m in a gym with clients most days and have found it challenging to push myself for my own workouts As a matter of fact, I’m currently on Day 3/17 of JUST MOVE challenge. I now schedule my workouts on my calendar, just like I do for clients and Personal Work Time. 

How many of these unique steps can you incorporate into your life today to jump start your weight loss journey?

Full article HERE

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