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Resisting change in the kitchen and gym? Here’s why…

When it comes to change, people can be met with a tad bit of resistance.

Am I right?

Who reading this hasn’t resisted something that they’ve needed or wanted to change? Am I right?!

That’s because change brings up ambivalence which is a mixture of emotions. And it is totally normal. Just because you initially resist something (A LITTLE) doesn’t mean you are going in the wrong direction.

In terms of nutrition and changing some of the things and ways we eat, resistance is almost expected.

The key, and what I’m going to talk about today, is that although we may have some resistance to changing a habit, overall, on a scale of 1-10 of being READY to change the habit, of being WILLING to change that habit, and being ABLE to change that habit TODAY, where are we? Are we at 1 or 9? In order to change a habit, we need to be sitting at a 9, AT LEAST.

Let me give you an example. You’re working out hard at the gym but you still aren’t seeing the muscle you want, and who doesn’t want to see some sexy muscle as a result of their hard work? You talk it over with a few of the super jacked people at the gym and after evaluating  your eating habits, come to the conclusion that you aren’t getting enough protein in your diet (approx. your body weight).  Protein is the building block of muscle and if you’re in the gym tearing down and building muscle fibers, you have to replenish them with protein (and other things but for the sake of this we are going to assume those are all in order).

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Turns out, you aren’t getting lean protein at every meal so you decide to make it a GOAL of you’re to eat a serving of lean protein at each meal. It can be chicken on a salad, a protein shake (in a pinch), etc. And you are READY, WILLING, and ABLE to implement this habit into your life TODAY and you’re going to accomplish that by making chicken for that salad, getting a protein powder you like, eating a bowl of greek yogurt, etc.

When you’re resistant to changing a habit it is common to face a bit of ambivalence. The key is seeing above and through the mixture of emotions and getting clear on your goals: the WHY of your choice. Why do you want to eat more protein at each meal? Answer: Because you’re putting in the time and effort in the gym and want to see the results you desire.

The habit of implementing a serving of lean protein at every meal is just one example. You can use the READY, WILLING, and ABLE test on any habit or goal you want to tackle.

And if eating lean protein at every meal is something you want to work on, or maybe it’s veggies, or a good carb: whatever it is, I’m going to throw in a super handy infographic from my friends over at Precision Nutrition. This visual guide can help you set your plate up for success at every meal, starting with a some healthy servings of all your essentials.

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