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Why exercise shouldn’t be a bore, and what to do if it is

Where is our motivation coming from? Is it to fit into a certain pair of pants? For a while, that will be enough to push us, but eventually, when we fit into the pants, the motivation will subside. (This week in my subscriber’s email, I opened up and dove deep into all things motivation. If you want to hear more about motivation sign up for the newsletter here🙂

An external motivator is when we place our happiness on the end results: when we allow ourselves only to be happy and satisfied when we have achieved XYZ.

When we shift our perspective, and focus on engaging in the activity we’re doing to fit into the pants, the motivation becomes internal, or intrinsic. Studies have found that as humans, we derive more pleasure, and lasting engagement from intrinsic motivation VS external motivation.

If you want to lose weight by being more active but don’t enjoy lifting weights at the gym, find something you DO enjoy. It can be walking: with the dog, your partner or children or a friend.

The more we ENJOY the process for what it is, the more sustainable it will be. The more we enjoy the process, the less likely we are to place our motivation outside ourselves. 

Ask yourself: what has worked for you before? Why do you think it worked and why do you enjoy it? Are you wanting to start up the familiar path to fitness or try something new?

The key is that you tap into your enjoyment factor. When we actively ENJOY movement we’re ENGAGING in, we are more likely to continue with it which in turn, helps us reach our goals.

So we’re still getting to our ultimate goal of fitting into those certain pants, but we’re doing it in a way that we derive JOY and PLEASURE, which enhances our accountability and sustainability of the routine VS FORCING ourselves to do something that sounds like a CHORE.

Remember, if it’s a chore, it’ll be a bore and you won’t do it! 

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