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How to Get More Time to Do the Things You Love

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Are there things you’ve been dying to try but you’ve told yourself you don’t have the time/money/resources to take the leap?

The only way to get better at something, is to start doing it.

If you want to learn to write like Hemingway or simply write better; what do you do: start writing for 5-10 minutes a day, every day.

The more you put pen to paper, the better you’ll get. The more natural the words will come and the more organic the work will feel.

If you enjoy baking but don’t think you’re good at it, go out and pick up the 4-hour body by Tim Ferris and start baking and cooking the recipes from the book.

Start at the beginning of the book, selecting 2-3 recipes or dishes a week and get your ass in the kitchen.

There’s a difference between wanting to be better at something and taking action to BE better at that thing.

If you want to strengthen your gratitude practice of journaling, set aside 3-5 minutes a day, put a timer on your phone, and journal until you’re out of time. Write down all the things you’re grateful for: the good and the struggles.

I know we all sometimes (okay, oftentimes) feel like there isn’t enough time in the day to do all the things we have to do as well as the things we want to do.

Our lives are busy. We’re pulled each and every way, every day, and sometimes the things we intended on doingslip through the cracks and are left undone.

It’s time to take charge of your time and your wants/needs/desires.

When you’re starting out, you don’t need huge amounts of time and if we keep waiting to start our passion project or pick up a new hobby until we suddenly have a surplus of time on our hands: I hate to tell this to you, that’s not likely to happen.

You have to make time in your life for the things you want to have in your life.

You want to read more books. Set a goal of reading 10 pages a day. Those 10 pages, read consistently will amount to more books read per year than when you found yourself waiting to have hours of free time before cracking open a book.

The same thing goes with becoming a better writer. Set aside 10 minutes a day to write. Don’t have 10 minutes, okay, start with 5 minutes.

Set a timer for 5 minutes and start writing. In a word document or on a piece of paper. There may be times where we struggle to come up with the words to say or even a story to tell, write anyways. Sit down with the intention of writing for 5 minutes no matter what, don’t filter your words or thoughts, let them pour onto the paper unfiltered.

The habit needs a place to take root. The creative within us wants a place to land. We give ourselves that space to write, create and grow by making it a priority in our day.

It needs to become a non-negotiable.

It doesn’t have to be perfect! Everything you sit down to write or go into the kitchen to bake doesn’t have to come out a masterpiece. And starting out, we’re going to create some duds. That’s part of the process.

When we prioritize and make space for the new and regular things that light us up, we are giving ourselves the space we need to be more creative humans.

This also rings true for our training rituals.

Movement will only have a place in our lives if we prioritize it. I

It doesn’t have to be the perfect workout at the perfect gym with all the right equipment. It can be 20 minutes of yoga flow at home while the baby naps, or a brisk walk in the park while taking a conference call.

Set it in stone: movement for 20 minutes a day is a must. Then make that happen. Be creative and find ways to movement support your mood and schedule for the day.

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