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Roasted Rosemary Almonds, Oh-My

Have you harvested all your budding rosemary plants from the garden for the season? Or perhaps you’re just a gourmet nut fanatic; this recipe is for you. These wallet-friendly roasted nuts are also delicious. Moreso, if you elect to use Ghee versus traditional oils and fats, they also serve a mighty nice health benefit.

**In Ayurvedic Medicine, Ghee is said to increase the digestive fire in the belly as well as improve absorption and assimilation of nutrients in the body. It’s also said to nourish the body’s tissues, strengthen the brain and nervous system, and improve memory. It also lubricates the connective tissues and increases flexibility. That being said, people with high cholesterol, obesity, or other medical conditions they are concerned about should consult with their medical doctor before using ghee.

These make for a great snack, pack well for lunches, and are super inexpensive and easy to make! Winner!


1 tbsp ghee** (or fat/oil of choice)

¼ teaspoon black pepper

2 shakes or more of sea salt

2-3 tbsps dried rosemary

2 cups of whole, raw, almonds


  • Melt your ghee (or fat/oil) in a large skillet, medium/low heat.
  • Toss your nuts in the skillet and make a thin layer, covering the bottom. Stir them and coat them in fat, add your seasonings, taste and if desired, adjust your seasoning (I always add more rosemary because these things are so delicious and I absolutely love cooking for herbs like rosemary).
  • Toss and stir your almonds so they don’t burn, get them to turn a slightly dark color and once they are smelling up the kitchen with all their aromatic scents (about 7-11 minutes later), take the nuts to a dish to cool before you eat them.

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