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Breaking Free From Fitness & Nutrition Obsession: End Dieting For Good. A Former Athlete & Fit Pro tells all

Last week I was trolling through Instagram (yes, it happens to all of us..) and unfollowing accounts that promote ideas of health and fitness that no longer resonate with me.   Why? I’m tired of seeing articles and photos that claim to be “the solution you’ve been looking for” in terms of nutrition and fitness.…


Sirloin Steak Thai Curry

  Years ago I threw a bunch of things from the pantry into the crock pot. What I uncovered 8 hours later was a delicious mishmash of ingredients that came together to make a pretty darn good steak curry, of sorts. I’ve adapted that recipe into this one, which is a little less “curry” (for…


Ginger Pear Smoothie

Ginger Green Pear Goodness   Powerful and full of life, spinach is the superfood of veggies. Adding pears to any smoothie gives you a burst of sweet juice (and personally, is one of my favorite ways to sweeten up any smoothie) while the oranges and ginger give your immune system the boost it needs as…